Fragrance Library

With a sophisticated fragrance library available, there is a scent for everyone. 

We use a bespoke formula of carefully blended premium paraben-free oils and also pure aromatherapy-grade deluxe essential oils.


1          dream          hellebores + amber                 

2          play              Sicilian lemons + fresh ginger         

3          relax             orange blossom + sandal            

4          beach           bergamot + coconut                       

5          picnic           verbena + green herbs                

6          calm             anise + fig       

7          dune             pure essential luxury oil geranium, rose + pink pepper

8          drift               pure essential luxury oil eucalyptus, rosemary + cedar


We dispel many myths surrounding candle-making; for example, it is not always true that candles are of better quality if they are made using only essential oils. The very volatile nature of these compounds means that they lose their scent much more quickly than many synthetic oils unless they are supported by other complementary aromatics. 

Synthetics are purpose-built to be used in perfumery to accompany natural ingredients and create specific effects and dynamic notes. 

For this reason, we use a careful combination of both essential and synthetic oils, developed for us by a family-run fragrance house also in England. 

The candles have three types of fragrance:

- Head notes consist of small, light molecules that evaporate quickly. (They are the first impression of a perfume and are the fresh smells).
- Heart notes come next and are usually more mellow.
- Finally the base notes bring depth and anchor the fragrance.

Candles may look the same and have the same name but they are not all equal. It is rather like fine wine or champagne - Candles of great quality take skill to create.