Snug Cornwall

A mélange of art and science, handcrafting luxury and bespoke triple poured candle collection in Cornwall using 100% natural wax and only the finest essential oil and fragrance oil blends.

Each product is influenced by the Cornish landscape and made by hand in Cornwall with GMO-free, vegan, palm free natural wax.

A homegrown brand, we support local Cornish artisans and manufacturers for packaging and components, collaborations and accessories wherever possible.

The everlasting candle

Luxury Artisan Ceramics

Our individually handmade Cornish porcelain vessels are exclusive and a piece of collectable art in their own right.

We support local artisans for packaging, components and collaborations  wherever possible.

Travel Jars

Working only with 100% natural waxes and premium oils, every single candle is still made by hand from beginning to end.

Our bespoke candle fragrances  are close to nature with luxury scents that are comforting and luxurious. 


The brand that keeps on giving, Snug Cornwall offers a bespoke refill service on all your pots. 

Very ethically aware, we will refill any of our containers (or your own) that are sent back to us, in a fragrance of your choice. 


[chand-ler, chahnd-] (n.)

A person who makes or sells candles and sometimes other items of tallow or wax, as soap.

Staying true to the Chandlers of early times, our candles are hand melted, hand mixed, and hand poured. 

Clean burning and an amazing fragrance all through our home. 

Lee, London

All of the candles from Snug have been fantastic, sophisticated scents. I also love the refill service.

Helen, Cornwall

A simple pleasure and an ethically aware brand that I love.

Millie, Surrey